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Best Climbing Movies Of All Time

The movie garnered six nominations at the 75th Academy Awards, winning for Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects. Divided into three segments, this prescient drama follows young Chiron on his path to self-discovery. Brought to life with vivid color and precision, the story grapples with themes of poverty and identity.

But she also weaves the story of her own interest in climbing, which came via dad. He travels around on freight trains, working as an itinerant fruit picker to support his climbing. The film starts with Warren Harding and Dean Caldwell waving off a rescue from the Wall of the Early Morning Light .

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Legendary high-altitude climber Reinhold Messner pushes himself to the limit in achieving the first successful summit without the use of supplemental oxygen. A group of hikers seeks to make it to the summit of Everest, but they have to make it out alive before the mountain takes a new victim. Based on the true story of the 1953 assault on Nanga Parbat, a treacherous Himalayan Peak.

Will Gadd uses his unmatched ice climbing skills and knowledge to lead a scientific expedition into a previously unexplored territory beneath the Greenland ice sheet. This documentary program follows the climbers that reached the summit of K2 on August 2, 2008 and then the disaster that followed. A documentary film on photographer Murray Fredericks’ extreme journey’s to capture the heart of the world’s most featureless landscape on Lake Eyre, South Australia. A Moroccan fisherman sets off on an epic journey towards Europe on his wind surfboard.

El Capitan, Sentinel: The West Face, And Freeclimb: The Northwest Face Of Half Dome

The results are in for my recent survey of readers and social media followers for the best climbing movies of all time. I left the poll open for a number of weeks and got an awesome response rate. In an unbelievable story of perseverance, free climber Tommy Caldwell and climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson attempt to scale the impossible 3000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan. Two famous competitive climbers make a bet on who can climb Cerro Torre, one of the most dangerous mountains in Argentina and the world, first. As the day of the climb approaches, their increasing competitiveness becomes destructive.

360 Ascent lives through the thrills, falls and race against the fading light to reach the summit in a gripping adventure. A small group of adventurous mountain bikers attempt to race the longest mountain bike route in the world traversing over 2700 miles along the Rocky Mountains from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border. Catherine Destivelle’s first solo ascent of The Old Man of Hoy, Europe’s tallest rock stack. A television team follows Chris Bonington’s expedition to a 23,000-ft mountain in Tibet.

This is an epic, award-winning film and that’s why we have it near the top of our list. There are so many different types of belay devices available to climbers now that it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. Each device has its own pros and cons that you, as a climber, should… The movie is a fiction story (written by messner?) about a guy who claimed to climb CT, was doubted, then went back to climb it solo (sound like something that really did happen?). Donald Sutherland was in it and, I forget his name, but a prominent climber from Europe. You don’t believe “touching the void”, go to the Broadfield pub on the broadfield road and ask the people there.

Annie, who is now a pro climber , is there, prepping for K2. Billionaire Elliot Vaughn arrives with his team of people. These three are older films about Yosemite that are still fun today. Said young men whip off to the Grand Hotel in Llandudno, sneak in the back door, grab a bath, then go back to the filthy cave to sleep.

It’s an insane story of survival, impossible choices, and the strength of the human spirit. Touching the Void will shock, inspire, and awe you in equal measure. Nail-biting, stomach-churning, and heart-dropping are just a few of the words I’d use to describe it. You’ll love the incredible cinematography, learn a thing or two about fear management, and discover what it means to risk your life in pursuit of what you love most in the world. Climbing documentaries on Netflix don’t get much better than the Dawn Wall.

Then we march through a long list of routes, each seemingly scarier than the previous, the falls growing longer and longer. Hard Grit follows a year in the activities of some of the UK’s greatest rock climbers, including Neil Bentley, John Dunne, Johnny Dawes, Seb Grieve, Leo Houlding, Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, and Sam Whittaker. The shots are artful and abstract and bring the wall to life. It’s edited with a running stream-of-consciousness-type dialogue, which is eerily effective. The pendulum off Boot Flake is a sweaty-palm maker; it’s filmed from across the Valley with a long lens.

Reel Rock is an annual compilation of a number of short climbing flicks which I usually see every year. Unfortunately, one that I haven’t had the chance to watch yet! But Sender Films is probably the best of the best when it comes to real climbing flicks. Vertical Limit definitely gets a bad wrap from the climbing world. It features tons of unrealistic scenarios, a corny story, cheesy acting and much more.

By the middle of the twentieth century mountain climbing took off and has today become a sport that millions of people from around the globe pursue. This film examines the reasons we are drawn to high places and looks at the downsides of all this human attention. Ultimately, a lot of us seek out the mountains for risk, the kind of risk our day-to-day lives don’t offer. The film is highly critical of commercial mountaineering, especially the kind of commercial climbing found on Everest.

I think Vertical Limit tried to use real climbing scenarios, even though they may have been exaggerated. After watching Cliffhanger I was pretty well put-off and after watching Vertical Limit I felt good about the sport. A note about Eiger, as I understand Eastwood was into climbing at that point and things were done in as close to a real fashion as possible. I think George Kennedy being dragged up the rock was way past possible. Another note about Cliffhanger; the larger the body mass the less likely to be a climber; those guys in Cliffhanger had no chance where as Eastwood looked like a climber. A list of good movies about climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, adventure in mountains, extreme sports and survival in extreme natural situations.

She gets inspired along her 94-day journey by fellow hikers. This is a must watch if you are planning on going for your first hike. To explore the great outdoors, two brothers set out to build their own Kayaks and paddle by themselves in the wilderness for 97 days. Their journey covers over 1,300 miles, traveling from Alaska to Seattle. Stacker believes in making the world’s data more accessible through storytelling.

Most climbing movies combine spectacular scenery with amazing feats and genuine drama – but these focus on the human side, getting right to the heart of some of climbing’s greatest legends and stories. Here is a 2015 Documentary that you will absolutely go nuts about. This is one of the best hiking movies that every person thinking about getting involved in outdoor activities should watch. This documentary takes you through the struggles that 3 elite climbers struggle through as they navigate their way to the top of Mt. Meru. No list of great films is complete without Alfred Hitchcock, and this 1959 thriller finds the famous director at the top of his game. The movie stars Cary Grant as a New York ad executive, who gets caught up in the world of international espionage after being mistaken for a notorious spy.