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How To Put String Back On Compound Bow

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So you can easily change string by hand if your one has a teardrop attachment system. But if you have a newer version of the compound bow without a teardrop system, it’s kind of impossible to restring the bow using a bare hand. If your bow comes with a teardrop attachment point, you can replace the bowstring keeping the old string in place. The teardrop attachment usually features two grooves for sliding on a string. Now take the new string and get the first end loop over the empty groove of the teardrop. Make sure the loops fit perfectly, Now you can remove the old one from the other side of the teardrop attachment system.

Locate the limb bolts of your bow and insert an Allen wrench right into them. The limbs of your bow connect to the riser at the limb bolts. Turn the bolts one after the other anti-clockwise, make three full revolutions so that a good part of the pressure will be taken off the limbs.

How Often Should You Restring The Bow?

Here we will discuss two different methods on stringing a compound bow. One is using a bow press and the other method is using your hand. An essential part of any compound bow is the bow string comprising several smaller strands draped together to form a sturdy string. The bow string can withstand hundreds of pounds of force and serve you for a long time when taken care of. There were additional factors off with this bow but this did improve arrow flight and overall accuracy. In the case of a bow that doesn’t leave many options for tuning (lack of a yoke/shims) the POI on the string stop can be a factor to eliminate.

Make sure that both rings are secure and carefully remove the old string from the attachments other side. I’m Ryan, And iv’e been involved with compound bows for over 10 years now. Ive taught numerous people the art of compound bow target shooting and have even set up my own classes here in Texas. I’m an avid writer and want to bring my knowledge and skills to the masses through warriorsarchery. Find the location of the limb bolts on the compound bow.

Professional Recommendations While Carrying A Bow On Your Back

It is worth note that archery requires the use of different muscles than those used for weightlifting or other sports. So when you venture into the world of archery, start with a lightweight bow. Practice rigorously to build your archery muscles and work your way up. Before we explain the entire process, here are a few things that you must take care of.

Waxing the new bow string may increase the ease of fitting it onto the wheels. If you want to change the other cable, follow the step that we just covered above. Shooting Mystery is an independent website that provides content for informational purposes only. The content is not meant to be a replacement for professional service advice. Christopher Graham writes all the content and reviews on this site with the help of his team of hunters and shooters. After spending most of his career as a firearms expert and enthusiast, he retreated to the great outdoors to raise his family in peace and quiet.

Taking Out And Replacing The Compound Bow String

Generally, though, bow manufacturers recommend replacing the bow string every 3 years whether or not you use it with high frequency. If you haven’t used your bowstring for more than 3 years, you may have to spend an even expense on maintenance to get it back on track again. But either way, a new and better set of strings, will always make your bow shoot better.

Now, lower your bow until the limbs come back to the normal position. But keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of practice to be able to restring your bow well. Both your grip and release hand should be in line with your target while being extended in front of you.

Mounting The Compound Bow Into The Bow Press

Once you have done this, start tying the third knot over the first knot and keep this facing the same way. Furthermore, using an unfletched arrow means that the arrow will have no help in flying during the release and this means you will get a much more precise location. Here are some handy tips for finding the nocking point. It’s all well and good us telling you that you need to install a nocking point on your bowstring but where on earth are you meant to put it?

Now suppose if your bow axle to axle length is 34 inches, in that case, turned out your bow press at least 1 inch more that is 35″. As you know, modern compound bows are more complicated than traditional bows. It also requires proper maintenance to keep it in good working order. So if you do not maintain your bow correctly, it will prematurely wear out and become a safety hazard.

How To Restring A Compound Bow Without A Press

To be efficient at carrying the bows on your back and being as fast and present as you can in the wild, you need to practice it first. Practicing can reduce the risk of potential failures while carrying the bow on the back. A sling is very convenient as it can move your bow forward smoothly when you want to use it, and it can move it back again. It assists you in carrying a bow on your back, and you can always take it forward to perform your action. In this way, your hands will be free when the bow is not in use. Sling is convenient, and due to this, you can access the bow easily and quickly with one hand only.

Max Out Your Compound Bows Poundage

Here, you need to find an anchor point for drawing the bow. It is this point from where you can safely shoot the target. Once you’ve mastered the art of drawing the bow, you can start taking a shot.

Conclusion On Adjusting A Bows String Stop

It safely and easily carries your compound bows, quiver, arrows, optics, and and any accessories you may have. Knowing how to restring a compound bow will save you a lot of time and money. In addition, it can help boost your confidence about taking only your bow on a hunting trip. Before you begin to restring your compound bow, you should have some knowledge about the parts.

How Far Will An Arrow Travel From A Compound Bow?

This is because it will be more straightforward to bind the thread to your bowstring. We are now familiar with the importance of a nocking point and have gained an understanding of what a bow square is used for. Now we are ready to start looking at how you can use this handy piece of equipment to set a nocking point.

Signs That You Need To Restring You Compound Bow

Raising the bow will loosen its limbs, but don’t do a full draw length as that’s not required. FYI, a full draw length means pulling the string back all the way to its maximum point. Once you’ve attached the string to the compound bow, make sure you tighten it properly. It’s when you release that the string slams forward and hurts your limbs.

Steps To Follow For Replacement By Hand

For a target bow, you can change it only once a year, even with consistent use. But with a hunting bow, you can go about two years without changing it. But, as I mentioned, this length of time can be shortened by using the bow frequently throughout the year and not taking the time to properly maintain the string.

Method 1: How To String A Compound Bow Using Bow Press

If it does, there are plenty of ways for you to restring it. The cost of restringing the bow varies for different reasons but it’s always recommended to scrutinize the need for it. Even though replacing the strings regularly is good for performance, there’s no harm in still using a perfectly working old string. A new set of strings will look better, last longer, and make your bow’s performance better.

This is because of the tension involved in the process that can cause the strings to snap and cause you harm. Fastening your sling or however, you are carrying it securely should be your priority. If it is loose or not in a recommended position then it can hold you back when you are hunting.