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Păpușa American Girl Îngrijirea și păstrarea ta

It encourages girls to be self confident and positive. I like the way the book says that removal of underarm hair is a personal decision, that some girls aren’t bothered by having underarm hair. I also like that this book says there “no real reason to remove leg hair.”

Lather the hair with a mild shampoo, starting from the root and working down to the ends. After all the tangles are removed, style the hair with your fingers and let the hair air dry. Brush through each dampened section using a brush for straight hair and a pick for curly. Divide the hair into smaller, manageable sections. Use a styling cape to protect the doll’s body from getting wet. Use a wire brush for straight hair and a pick for curly hair.

We reserve the right to limit order and item quantities. Offer is subject to change at the discretion of American Girl®. 8Save on outlet items while supplies last; quantities are limited to current stock. Product packaging may be in less-than-perfect condition, where marked on each product page.


Offers may be subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm this item is in stock and that this location is open and/or offers curbside pickup. This includes any of the Doll Refresh and Renew services, along with both a new head and a new body. When the Hopscotch Hill School characters were available, a hospital gown was available sized for the line. Make a paste the same consistency of toothpaste using a solution of water and baking soda. Use a stand to keep the doll upright as her hair dries.

The original dolls that started it all back in the ’80s werebrought back in 2021 for a limited time to celebrate the occasion. Even though their outfits were slightly updated, the same vintage quality made those who grew up with the dolls feel more nostalgic than ever. For kids with cancer, alopecia and other conditions causing hair loss, the company offers a doll just for them. American Girl founder Pleasant Rowland first got the idea for the company when she took her young nieces Christmas shopping in the mid-’80s. “Here I was, in a generation of women at the forefront of redefining women’s roles, and yet our daughters were playing with dolls that celebrated being a teen queen or a mommy,” she told CNN in 2012. Rowland combined her love of history with the concept of matching dolls with books, and American Girl was born.

I wish I had seen these pictures when I was a kid trying to figure out how a tampon worked. The format seems great overall; lots of large print and images to break up the text. Information appears in bite-sized portions, for the most part.

The words are multi-syllable and not high frequency words. This book had some nice tips, but there were some tips that I didn’t agree with. At one point in the book, I thought they were being hypocritical because they said one thing on a page, then said the complete opposite pages later. In other words, I have outgrown this book. Especially helpful is the illustration sequence showing how to insert a tampon. The drawings are of a complete girl sitting on the toilet, not the weird line drawing of one-third of a female body that comes with the little pamphlet in the tampon box.

Other Books In The Series

Kaya, unlike the other dolls, doesn’t show her front teeth, because this is considered asign of aggression in the Nez Percé culture. In order to make sure everything is historically accurate — while still making difficult subjects easy for kids to understand — a team of historians, educators, museum curators and linguists work on each launch. They often take trips to the home state of each doll and advisory committees are formed to review everything from clothing to books. Emily Rose Doll clothes is not affliated with American Girl ®, Mattel ®, Springfield Collection ®, Our Generation® 18 inch dolls.

Judy bloom bookin 2 answers “Judy Bloom book called, Are you there God, It’s Me, Margaret… Great book about …” There’s this book called the Care and Keeping of You. It goes through each of the changes she will experience step by step. It does show how to put tampons in and i…

American Girl has two great books out that are starters that help lead into other questions later. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the book I could buy for my 9 year old daughter about going through “the change” of puberty, etc.. I know that changes can start this young in a girl but I am wondering if I should be at all concerned.

This is a great book for girls to read that answers questions they might have about puberty in a reassuring, factual and straight-forward way. I appreciated how the book emphasizes the differences in each girl’s experience, and each girl’s body. Alternatives are offered (pad v. tampon, shave or not to shave?) with no bias and with enough information to help a girl feel confident in figuring out which option works for her. When permanent underwear were shortly implemented, American Girl offered body replacements to replace the permanent underwear bodies through December 2018, with a full exchange of the entire torso.

I worked as a nanny for a Professor of Nursing who had 7 children. It was common practice at this age to give them a Midol when they walked in the door from school. WikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 38 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

Be sure not to get water in her eyes—they may rust! Try the misting bottle and styling cape from the American Girl Hair Care Kit. The sequel to the popular The Care and Keeping of You, which guided preteen girls on buying bras, healthy eating habits and dealing with their periods, ventures into the hormone and angst-ridden world of adolescents. Then there are books like It’s Perfectly Normal, which has been frequently banned from school libraries since its release in 1994.

Doll receive the full hospital treatment. Older unique lines such as Hopscotch Hill School and Girls of Many Lands are no longer repairable. Looking for a fun way to teach girls about American history, Pleasant Rowland founded American Girl in 1986. Initially, the dolls were only available through a catalog. And, yes, every kid in the ’90s wanted or had one. Now, it’s a mega-business that includes flagship stores in most major cities, restaurants, movies, books and more.