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Cele mai bune antrenamente de tricep la sala de sport

Lift heavy, finish with a pump, and give your triceps everything they need to grow. Have you been guilty of crushing curls and skipping triceps? Use these three moves to give your arms everything they need to get stronger and grow.

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Best Body Weight Exercises For Triceps

BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting. The narrower base of support improves your core strength. This advanced skull crusher variation adds an extra degree of difficulty. It can help to use the hand that isn’t working to support the other elbow. Shoulder depressed, maintain an upright position as you lower yourself as far as you can safely.

1), both have specific uses in resistance training. Your body will have to stabilize itself, bolstering your core strength. You’ll develop more pressing power at the top of the exercise. Lower the weight over the top of your head by flexing the elbow. Press up, keeping the dumbbells parallel to one another. Have a handle attached to a high-pulley cable and grasp it with your hands.

Tricep Pushdown

At the bottom of the repetition, your forearms should be somewhat parallel to the floor. Once your elbows are pointed forwards , revere the motion and press back up. The JM press is part close-grip bench press, part skull crusher. Since the chest comes into play, you can load up more weight than in a standard triceps isolation movement.

Slowly lower the weight until your upper arm grazes the ground, and then press back up to lockout. Making a perfect diamond with your hands is not necessary, but the idea is to keep your hands close to focus on the triceps. Adjust your hand position to see what works for you. Perform a push-up with control while keeping your core and glutes tight to keep your spine neutral.

Rusin likes to begin any chest session with an exercise that warms up the shoulders and upper back. The face pull will help set your shoulders for strong, safe pressing, so don’t skip it. After that, you’ll train the chest with low and high reps to recruit the widest range of muscle fibers, and finish off with a grueling triceps hit. In short, if you’re going to train the chest and triceps together, the path to victory lies through straight sets of both chest and triceps exercises. That is, do all your chest work, and then your triceps exercises. Still, limited use of supersets—particularly late in the workout—does have a place for advanced lifters, which you’ll see in the workouts below.

Breathe new life into your training with any of the 11 best cable machine exercises for bigger, stronger triceps. Starting with your arms bent, extend your elbows and push the cables down and out to your hips. Keep your torso stationary to ensure your arms do all the work. But this is a unique exercise, and adding it to your upper arm workouts could provide some much-needed variety. Attach a straight bar, rope handle, or V-shaped bar to an overhead pulley.

Hold for a second and then extend your elbows to lower the dumbbell. Lie on your back on a incline bench, holding one dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip. Nealy all curls are effective for targeting biceps muscle. And working on your biceps at different angles is important for building bigger biceps.

The decline angle will increase the stretch of the triceps muscle. Having your arms closer together will better activate your triceps. You can load your triceps with just your bodyweight. With elbows flared to 45 degrees, lower the weight to the upper chest by flexing the elbows. After a few inches of movement, change the dumbbell path bringing them towards your neck by further flexing the elbows and flexing the shoulder. Keeping your elbows tucked to your side, lower the weight to your mid-chest at shoulder width.

It’s not enough to rely on compound movements such as the bench press to build your triceps. Sure, they’ll get activated, but not enough for you to have noticeable gains in size or definition. The triceps make up roughly two-thirds of your upper arm, so if you want bigger arms, building your tris is a must. The problem is, every lifter has a different approach. Some simply perform all manner of push-downs, while others spend an hour parked at the dumbbell rack. Well, it depends on what move you’re trying to do there.

Although considered the best isolation exercise to train the entire triceps muscle area, Skullcrushers are a great way of laying emphasis on the medial head too. By positioning the elbow at a slight angle the exercise can help train the tricep area well. You can use a straight pre-loaded barbell or dumbbell for this workout. The medial head stabilizes the elbow joint and contributes to elbow extension. It’s relatively small compared to the long and lateral heads, and is almost impossible to work by itself in a workout. While just about every triceps move works it to some degree, this routine will provide more direct stimulation.

Take note of where they end and adjust the hooks so that the barbell sits where your hands reach. Get back under the now-loaded barbell and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Grab the bar with your typical bench press grip.

This is the lower part of your triceps, which connects just behind your elbow. Lift one hand to tap the opposite shoulder, meanwhile keeping the body in the same position with the core engaged. Begin by in a high plank position, tensing your body to form a straight line and engage your core. Return to start position after indicated reps/time. It is with set 4 and 5 that the triceps will really start to fatigue and burn. As fatigue builds, focus even more so on technique as fatigue can begin to interfere with how you move.

Pop a dumbbell between your legs or dangle one off a weight belt. You can do them almost anywhere from the gym, at home, at a local park, or anywhere with a sturdy bench to lean on. If you are new to the underhand grip, it may take some getting used to. Bill Geiger, MA, has served as a senior content editor for and group editorial director with MuscleMag and Reps magazines.