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Alege-ți propria aventură Chimney Rock

Remember at this time there was no Mr. Stine with his Goosebumps line of stories. We recently received got some of these at our local library. I was sad to see that this one was not among them. Packard’s prose was fine for the most part, and I’m still a fan of his; but I believe he does better when there are fewer endings and he has time to develop a real story. Even seeing your question makes me quite scared. What dystopian state have we come to if people not only accept but also expect books to be retro-actively censored.

When I was young, one of my favorite books was The Mystery of Chimney Rock. It was part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, where the reader could make choices that determine the main character’s actions and the plot’s outcome. At certain points in the storyline, a choice had to be made between two paths, one usually scary and one more safe. This was the first book I read in this series as a kid and I loved it then. I loved the creepy atmosphere, the haunted house, all of it.

You can always go back down on a different path. My copy is pretty worn on the binding, but the pages are in great condition and the illustrations are still just as expressive. This has to be my favorite out of all the Choose Your Own Adventure books I’ve read to date. I have about six others to share and hope to find more in the future. Twenty of these books were translated into Turkish as the “Macera tüneli dizisi” series.


Unlike most translations of this series, the German editions feature all-new cover and interior artwork. Ravensburger also included an English-language reprint ofSugarcane Island, presumably designed to aid German children in learning the language. Despite being part of their series of Choose Your Own Adventure translations, however, this is actually a reprint of the unrevised Adventures of You version. This CYOA is badly written and squarely aimed at seven year olds. The titular mystery isn’t intriguing, the plot architecture is sloppy, and path determination is far too random, even for a CYOA.

I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it. And I really, vividly recall the illustrations of the caretaker, Jervis, kinda creeping me out. And, yup, those same illustrations gave my older and wiser self a bit of a shiver…

Serieschoose Your Own Adventure

At first, I would choose the safe paths, but the more I read it, the braver I became to take the scary paths. Those were more exciting, and I had gained confidence in knowing things would work out in the end. These are the original books, updated with revised text and new artwork, as well as brand-new titles. In 2005, Chooseco began republishing selected titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure family of books. These books were based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television show.

There are a huge amount of scenarios to participate in and rooms to visit. The ambiguity of certain characters’ actions actually works well. The endings manage to be creepy without being overly gory and that’s the magic of this book. The illustrations do a great job of deepening the story and altogether the book just does everything right. As for this adventure, well, it is simply a jaunt through a haunted house and I guess they were always going to write one like this early on in the series.

When I read these books when I was a child, they were quite fun and I don’t remember anything offensive in them at all but then no one had taught me how to find offence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Ultima subplot, Chrstian SwinehartThe only way to get to that ending is to “cheat” and flip to that page without following the book’s usual branching instructions. Journey Under the Sea story map, ChoosecoWhen you lay out the stories in these formats, you start to discover surprising features. Christian Swinehart created a series of beautiful visualizations and an interactive essay about CYOA. (sadly, as I write this, it appears the animations are not working on his site, but it’s still worth a read).

The result, is an online front door to executive thought leadership, training, and global resources that allow us to deliver a world class customer experience. The book could be read over and over, each time with a different outcome. Demian’s Choose Your Own Adventure listing Information on all the Choose Your Own Adventure and other gamebook titles.

It’s funny that I was so enticed to even go near it. We jump from node to node as the heroes of our own journey. Some paths are more comfortable and more pleasant than others. The books, written in a genderless second-person, would often have dozens of different endings, and not all of them were happy. It was pretty easy to die, sometimes unexpectedly and often illogically.

The Mystery of Chimney Rock was one of my favorites. Having now re-read it a few times, I recall why. Compared to some of the others of this old series, I recall this one being hard to navigate.

These are republications of Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers books, with revised text, new coloured art and a larger format. This series is more educational and casts the reader as a member of a globe-trotting news team. There were some odd loose ends about finding various others turned into a mouse… And how the various ‘evil’ powers seemed to be there some times and not others. Join ResearchGate to access over 30 million figures and 135+ million publications – all in one place. This makes learners more focused on learning purposes during the movie, avoiding the case of inattention.

A handful of these books were translated into Swedish and published in hardback by B. Thirty-two books were translated into Italian. They were sold there as part of the same series as the Find Your Fate books. The next day I go back and encounter the caretaker.

Look, even going to a new place for the first time can also work on our fears. However, the difference still is that one style plays off things that may not exist, while the other plays off things that could realistically happen to us. Montgomery’s style, on the other hand, strikes me as better suited to many endings.