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Îmi amintesc de tine Adventure Time Cover

On our site there are a total of 83 music codes from the artist Adventure Time. This episode brings so much depth and emotion to the audience’s hearts. At least it did bring to me and experienced great time with the right feeling. Ice King visits Marceline to ask for help in creating a song to attract… When Marceline was singing “Nuts” it zooms to a ceiling view, and the window that looks into the living room is gone.In the same scene, Ice King’s crown has six points, instead of the usual three to four. Marceline states while singing “Nuts” that Ice King always eventually finds her no matter how many times she moves, referencing her many homes.

Sugar was responsible for designing Marceline’s look in the episode. According to her, the shirt that Marceline wears was “loosely based off a stretched out old D.A.R.E. shirt.” “I Remember You” was storyboarded by Cole Sanchez and Rebecca Sugar, from a story by Patrick McHale, Kent Osborne, and Pendleton Ward. The episode was directed by Larry Leichliter, with Adam Muto serving as creative director and Nick Jennings serving as art director.

I have watched every episode of adventure time and this song is definitely the most touching. I’m 21 and this episode makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it. Just the fact that the Ice King is listening to this text even singin’ it himself and don’t get a damn clue about what all that mean…

Season 2

This episode begins with Ice King singing the Fry Song to Gunter with a wig on his head resembling Marceline’s hair. The song is the same except for the fact that some of the words have been changed to “Gunt.” He then gets the idea to go see Marceline to ask if she would help him write a song to attract the princesses. Before he leaves, he grabs several pages from his scrapbook for “lyrical inspiration.” With his drum set on his back, he flies off to Marcaline’s house.

Ice King, feeling bad tries to stay out of her way, then she proceeds to sing the song “Nuts.” Ice King realizes that Marceline cares about him. Ice King takes this the wrong way, and while hugging Marceline, he tries to kiss her; But Marceline states that she doesn’t like him that way. It is revealed that Marceline knew him before the war when he was still Simon Petrikov.

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When Finn and Jake get there to get him out, Marceline lets him stay to write a song. In the context of the series, Marceline the Vampire Queen is a thousand-year-old vampire. The Ice King is a recurring antagonist of the series, and frequently steals princesses throughout Ooo; although he is often at odds with Finn and Jake, he is generally not a serious threat.

“I Remember You” is the twenty-fifth episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series Adventure Time. The mixed instrumental version of this song, titled “Waving to You”, is also used in the ending sequence of the same episode. The episode later re-aired on March 25, 2013, together with the fifth season episode “Simon & Marcy”. This arrangement for the song is the author’s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. UkuTabs does not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed. While the eponymous song “Remember You” is being sung, the episode flashes back almost a thousand years before the events of the episode.

This marks the 3rd time anyone has referred to Ice King as Simon, with the first being Finn in “Beyond this Earthly Realm” and Ricardio in “Lady & Peebles.”

The Ice King proclaims that he is a lyricist, taking out the pages from his scrapbook to prove it. Marceline shows him a newspaper clipping with a photo of himself before he was the Ice King, holding the Enchiridion before the Mushroom War. On the back Marceline finds a message from Simon directed at her, revealing his anguish at losing himself as his magic crown transforms his mind, and his fear that Marceline will lose him as a friend as he continues to transform. In this episode, Marceline the Vampire Queen works with the Ice King to write a song, and Marceline tries to get the Ice King to remember who he really is. This episode reveals that Marceline and the Ice King knew each other from the aftermath of the Mushroom War, an apocalyptic-like event that occurred a thousand years before the beginning of the series.

When he arrives, she doesn’t want to see him but he ignores her comments and comes inside anyway. After a while Marceline opens up to him and they begin to make a song. The Ice King sings about how he wants to be loved by anyone and wants to find out what’s wrong with him. After he gets too crazy, Marceline tries to calm him down but ends up getting herself pushed.

The Ice King performs a cover of Marceline’s Fry Song to Gunter, and he gets the idea to ask for Marceline’s help to write a song to impress princesses. Ripping some pages from his scrapbook so he can use them as inspiration for lyrics, he flies to Marceline’s house. The episode features four songs—”The Fry Song,” “Oh Bubblegum,” “Nuts,” and “Remember You”—all of which were written by Sugar. “I Remember You” was watched by 2.535 million people and received universal acclaim, with many critics loving the story’s depth and mentioning of mental disorders, memory, and loss. Rebecca Sugar is an artist, composer and director who is known most for her award winning animated short “Singles” and her graphic novel “Pug Davis.” Rebecca grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. She was the Annie-nominated and Emmy-nominated writer and storyboard artist partnered with Adam Muto in seasons two and three, and with Cole Sanchez in season four.

The message, written by Simon before his mind was completely consumed by the magic of the crown, asks Marceline to forgive him for whatever he does under the crown’s influence. The Ice King fails to understand the context, and believes that he has written not a note of apology but lyrics, and attempts to add music to his “song”. Overcome by emotion, Marceline cries and begins singing along while the Ice King plays drums, oblivious as to what is actually going on.

The Ice King has no memory of writing the note, but tells her to read it in a form of a song while he plays the drums. After Marceline sings the message on the back of the photo, she becomes frustrated that he does not recognize his own words and shows him something that he wrote. He sings the message, expressing regret and asking for Marceline’s forgiveness. As they sing, a flabbergasted Finn and Jake watch from outside with binoculars, not knowing what’s going on. However, it didn’t win for this category”Time Adventure” is a song featured in the series finale “Come Along With Me,” where BMO sings the song to Jake. They are later joined by Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, King Man, Flame Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Lumpy Space Princess, Lemongrab, Fern, Neptr, Duke of Nuts, Cinnamon Bun, Bun Bun, Huntress Wizard, and Slime Princess.

After looking through his notes Marceline sees writing on a piece of paper, it explains how he was caring for her when she was still a little girl, it then later apologizes for his insane behavior when he was wearing the crown. There is a flashback of Simon discovering Marceline crying in the street. The street is the same as the street Finn and Jake found young Marceline on in the episode “Memory of A Memory.” He then gives her a doll, Hambo. The Ice King is oblivious to his former self, and Marceline begins looking through the Ice King’s scrapbook pages to show him evidence of his former life. Among the pages is a picture of a young Marceline, with a message to her from a thousand years ago scrawled on the back.

Marceline refuses to help him at first, but the Ice King flies into the house and tangles himself up trying to set up his instruments. Finn and Jake arrive, assume that Marceline has subdued him, and offer to take him away, but Marceline tells them that they are writing a song together. He flies into the kitchen, and Marceline finds him hiding on the fridge. Despite calling the Ice King an “annoying…pitiful old man” she admits that she is glad to see him. The Ice King is surprised to find out that she “likes” him and asks for a hug, which Marceline gives him. When he misinterprets her feelings and tries to kiss her, Marceline angrily confronts him and asks if he really does not remember his past or who he is, calling him by his real name, Simon.