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Se va întâmpla răpirea în 2021

The landscape was rolling hills, the land was scorched, and there were spits of fire burning up from the ground everywhere. And I saw angels around them; I have never seen an angel in my dream, this is the first time, and they have white, big wings. I feel he was telling me this is how he will return, but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone else has seen him looking like the sun.

These Psalms prophesy the time of troubles and victory, from the perspective of the Jewish people. In this message, we examine the Rapture timing from the point of view of 7 super-signs and the Song of Solomon. And power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. Revelation 13 covers this phase of Antichrist’s career.

Why 3 Raptures?

Americans trust in their military, their mighty men and advanced weaponry. We had a taste of that in some of America’s major cities in 2020. So why is it that we here at Tomorrow’s World think that we are any better at predicting the future when we give you predictions for the year to come? And most importantly, are our predictions accurate? Let’s address that question by reviewing the last two years.

I met a girl in AA who was a church member. She flirted with me, and we ended up in a sexual relationship. She broke it off because of church and God, so I started going to her church hoping to win her back. She kept coming back and leaving me again, until I told God on the way home from church that I didn’t want His salvation if that is what it was going to be like. Then she called me one day to tell me she was pregnant, so I went to where she was.

This Is A Spiritually Motivated  Prediction Based In Visions, Dreams, And Prayer Not A Prophecy

I have always believed that the Rapture would occur in either May or September because the Bible points to that as being the timeframe of when Jesus was born. And because we are coming to the end of the generation that was here when Israel became a nation and Jesus promised He would return for us before that generation passed. In his book, Beshore explained that Jesus in the Olivet Discourse used the illustration of “birth pains” to describe the signs of His return.

It seems like there’s a light that came out from our heads, but it is not a crown , but a light that is lying from our heads… When this man standing in the clouds spoke, all eyes began to look up towards Him. Looking at them, I see that everyone is so confused. They all looked worried and bothered, surprised and wondering why they were there; they were confused and busy asking each other rather than looking for an answer. My mind as I realized what was happening. Right when I was about to look straight out to see if many others were also shooting into the sky, my wife awoke me by touching my beard.

The Palestinians suffered numerous setbacks under the outgoing administration of President Donald Trump and have complained about what they say were pro-Israeli steps from Washington. They have said, however, that they are ready to work with the incoming Biden administration. Long ago God spoke to the fathers by the prophets at different times and in different ways. You can read more on this discovery by viewing the Discover The Five Appointed Feasts and The Symmetry Between the Lunisolar Calendars blog posts. Be sure to read this post that goes into great detail about this discovery of the five Appointed Feast over a span of 21 years.

Dive into AA but first and daily pray for guidance. Your going to be okay I claim it in Jesus name. Don’t “curse God & die” as they taunted Job to do.

Even people that don’t see the bible changes, like people in my family still have there prayers answered. Ask and pray for Jesus to show you a church. Don’t worry about if they are perfect Christians or not. I saw something online about a man pretending to be poor. I was inspired to do the same, but no one helped me. I walked all through town that day cursing everyone, filling up with hate.

Later, after Prophet’s prediction did not come to pass, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Throughout his adult life, Dan’s devout interest was the study of the Bible. Watching for signs of Christ’s return, he shared his knowledge with others so that they too may be ready. This passion for studying prophecy and prophetic writing led him to publish two books about the second-coming of Christ. After the publishing of his books, his online ministry continued to help him reach people all around the world.

The devil wants to distract everyone with the cares of this life and get you caught up in strongholds or footholds, and ultimately work on separating you from God. I remember calling out to him, but he could not hear me. Or he had turned his face from me as if he never knew me.

There just wasn’t that many people that were taken. I woke up a bit disturbed but knew God was trying to show me something. Then I saw that others had seen two stars in their dreams, and I had to share.

My mom kept announcing, “it’s happening, it’s happening.” I couldn’t help but be afraid, believing and accepting we were now going to heaven, but still afraid of leaving earth. A quick few seconds, I told someone who is there with me (which I forgot who’s that person) that Papa Jesus is coming. I feel so happy that time and keep shouting to everyone that “Papa Jesus is coming”.

I do, however, believe that there is a reason for not only every verse in the Bible, but every sentence and word. Have you given any thought to the role of cryptocurrencies in end time prophecies? I have been researching this market sector recently and there are many fascinating projects that really are not in the mainstream as of yet. Existing government structure seem to be rather nervous about the rise of Bitcoin and many other crypto’s that could threaten their monetary systems. Meanwhile the crypto community seems intent upon disrupting existing protocols.