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Thank you for your great coverage of this case. It’s an outrage that the girls weren’t safe that day. I agree with Nic’s observation that it’s unlikely they would have taken a sample of Etter’s DNA unless there was something to compare it to.

As a resident of the town, the explanation that he walked right into town after makes sense. He could have removed the top layers and covered up after. In the neighborhoods he could have used, most folks would be at work. Even if he crossed private property, this was daytime. No need to account to family on a work day, and if he works in Lafayette, like most residents do, he would be one of hundreds of employees, especially if he works at SIA or CAT.

Getting Away With Murder

Like the guys said in the pod cast… He’s used to talking to this age group. It’s almost like he has a radio/tv voice. The whole situation is so upsetting these poor families!! I pray they will find this person and the families will get some sort of justice.

I thought looked much older this whole time (similar to Q from impractical jokers or up to years older) but now looking much closer at his face he looks in his 20s to mid 30s.

Long Island Serial Killer

I agree with the Captain that this movie will be reviewed in a more favorable light with time. Netflix made a crucial mistake by releasing the tapes docuseries before the movie. Everyone watched it and re-familiarized themselves with Bundy’s story. So we know more than Liz knows, and don’t feel her struggle fully. The first image appears to be an artist rendering meant to clean up the image in the very pixelated video.

Read “the cases that haunt us” by Douglas and you’ll see why any inside theory doesn’t work. If you take a first glance and listen to the crowd, sure the family did it. But if you actually look into the case, it was definitely an intruder.

Soooooo, it simply is just an odd looking tree – basically one darker than the rest and from that distance to some it gives the illusion that someone is standing there. This can’t be because if it were then that person is standing there in every photo I have seen taken weeks and months after the murders. BG is not hanging out there like the dried up tin man in the middle of the woods.

The three were Micah Holsonbake, James Kulstad and Baylee Despot and were either missing, dead or missing and feared to be dead. There is a reward set up for information. A few thoughts on the suspect images released by LE, who are under no obligation to provide the public with information that may jeopardize their case or hinder prosecution. I’m specifically referring to the statement that both suspect images were produced at or near the same time from eye witness accounts. Gun and knife carrying are common here FYI. It may be covered up in the video, to keep from it being identified.

I remember times where I was just 5 minutes late to being picked up or wandered off a little too long with my friends and my dad was lose his mind trying to find me. If i didn’t answer my phone once, my mom would start to panic lol. My son hid behind the couch from me the other day for about 1 minute and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. As a parent, you don’t waste time when it comes to your child. People would be criticizing them if they didn’t call the police later.

When I was a kid we snuck out with what we really wanted to wear under our parent approved clothing. Nowadays the equivalent is having a “real” profile online other than the parent approved one. Just some questions I have after listening to episodes.

If he confronted them earlier on a trail before the bridge – they would have been spooked and likely not gone to the bridge as this puts them in a more dangerous and vulnerable location. The safe spot to go would be at the drop off point, where people often park and phone Dad and/or Kelsi. They were not spooked until it was too late! This was near the end of the bridge on the wrong side! This, in my opinion, was a planned attack. I don’t think he knew who he was going to kill but I think he went there with the intention of hurting someone.

I can’t imagine they would want to go hiking if they were suspicious and uncomfortable with other people being out there. If this guy is lurking out there waiting for an opportunity like you say, what are the chances he got this lucky his first time creeping? I wonder if he’s been spotted out on this trail before scoping out for possible victims. Their butchering of JBR’s murder was the end of my listening to the show. It was so one-sided and condescending toward anyone who doesn’t believe the IDI theory. I’ve got no issues with hosts sharing their personal opinions, but to frame the entire episode based on one theory, then mockingly shut down the other was unprofessional at best.

I don’t honestly think anyone will be arrested based on a tip stemming from the sketch. I suppose it’s because I’m British and to be ok for 2 teenager girls to go into the woods alone is a BIG no no. Lastly, and this is something that could be overlooked. At a certain point, the homeless no longer feel a sense of responsibility to be moral. They have to scavenge for food and are willing to talk to anyone and everyone. They don’t typically fear being arrested because it would lead to a better lifestyle in prison.

We don’t know about the cell phones, no one has said. We did say it both ways and we just don’t know for sure. So here’s where may head goes – if they had prior contact – LE would have alerted the public or caught him using fairly easily traced missteps by perp. Listening to the latest episode on Delphi and Captain said they have arrested a firefighter for indecent exposure.