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Charlie tries to learn how to be a parent with his nephew Jake around, while Alan tries to win back his ex-wife, Judith. Alan fears he’s losing custody of his son Jake so he goes out drinking with his brother Charlie. Charlie and his mother, Evelyn, end up dating two people that are related. While at the movies, Charlie and Alan run into Judith and her new boyfriend.

But Charlie’s in for a huge surprise when he discovers that she is now a he, and he, Bill, wants to be Charlie’s friend. When Charlie learns that his credit rating is ruined & his debts are all overdue, he discovers that his accountant, Stan, is completely inept. At Alan’s urging, Charlie tries to reduce his spending habits, but he has difficult time giving up his luxuries. Alan worries that Charlie will become infected with Jake’s contagious cold; however, Alan gets sick instead. Desperate to get a date with a sexy woman, Charlie volunteers a very reluctant Alan to escort the woman’s… When Alan’s attempt to provide Jake with a fun-filled father /son weekend backfires, Charlie tries to console his brother by taking him to a local bar and getting Alan totally inebriated.


The show kickstarted following the life of a jingle writer, Charlie Harper and his uptight brother, Alan. The entire sitcom takes you through their lives, especially focused on after Alan divorces and he and Jake move into Charlie’s beachfront house in Malibu. What might seem like an ideal bachelor pad turns out to be a lot more than you’d anticipate. Despite his unsuccessful romantic history, Alan also tries to help Walden overcome his limited experiences with dating.

Charlie dates a self-help author who is much older than he is, has a 32-year-old son and treats Charlie more like a son than a boyfriend. Jake tries to write a book report over the weekend but keeps losing the book before he can read it. Alan helps to plan his mother’s wedding, and Charlie makes some moves on the woman who will soon be his stepsister. Charlie is acting even more promiscuous than normal, which is getting him in trouble with a lot of husbands and boyfriends. With the help of his psychiatrist, he discovers it’s related to his ex-fiancée’s upcoming wedding. Charlie discovers that being a children’s singer means making lots of money and picking up single moms.

Charlie loses a woman he is dating to a young, handsome handyman, Fernando (Grammy Award-winning recording artist ENRIQUE IGLESIAS), who is working on Charlie’s house. When Greg , a single father from Alan’s support group who has been spending a lot of time with Alan, reveals that he is gay, Charlie suspects that Greg is attracted to Alan. When Berta discovers that Alan has been secretly dating her daughter, Naomi, Alan expects trouble.

Season 1

Index of Two and a Half MenSince this is a sitcom and not a web series, the individual episodes don’t come with a title much like you’d find in the web series now. So, let us break down the number of episodes each season so you have an idea how long you will be binge-watching the show. Following Charlie’s death, the beach house is sold to Walden Schmidt, who himself is going through a divorce with his wife. After selling the house, Alan leaves to move and stay with his mother to reconcile. But Walden invites both Alan and Jake to stay with him instead of going away because he feels like they would enjoy each other’s company.

But his Malibu lifestyle is interrupted when his uptight chiropractor brother, Alan , arrives unexpectedly with Alan’s 10-year-old son, Jake (series star ANGUS T. JONES). Commercial jingle writer Charlie Harper is wealthy bachelor with house at beach, Jaguar in garage & easy way with women. But his Malibu lifestyle is interrupted when his uptight chiropractor brother, arrives unexpectedly with Alan’s 10-year-old son, Jake.

Although there aren’t any official confirmations, it is reported that he earned a whopping $300,000 per episode at the mere age of 17. He also made history as the highest-paid sitcom child actor back then. Two and a Half Men, Season 1 Episode 1, is available to watch and stream on CBS.

After getting to know Danielle, the guys’ hot new neighbor, Charlie discovers that she shares some common interests with Alan and proceeds–with ulterior motives–to set them up. As Charlie prepares for a steamy Christmas Eve alone with his date, his friends and family keep dropping in and staying until Charlie finds himself hosting an unwanted holiday party. Unable to sleep, Alan takes Charlie’s suggestion and goes for a jog on the beach. Alan turns to a psychiatrist in the hope that discovering the source of his insomnia will help alleviate it.

When Alan is surprised to see that Judith has had a makeover and is dating a man, he decides to have Charlie help him transform his image. Realising he’s losing someone special, Charlie plans a Thanksgiving dinner to convince her he’s a family guy and that she should be with him. Charlie can’t function when his housekeeper storms off because of Alan’s constant complaints, so Alan tries desperately to woo her back. Despite warnings from Charlie, Jake continues to feed seagulls on the deck and the birds invade the house. Meanwhile, Charlie thinks Judith is taking advantage of Alan, who keeps going to her house to fix things.

But Alan & Charlie soon discover advantages of going to these matches. Players’ mothers are quite attractive, & Charlie makes date with particularly sexy soccer mom. It is only by the end of the seventh season that Alan gets into a relationship with one of Jake’s friend’s mother. Things take a tumble when Alan ends up cheating on her and accidentally burns down her house. A sexy young girl whom Charlie has been dating cajoles him into going to a hot new club.

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When Jake thinks Judith is cooler, Alan tries to change his look and get back into the dating scene. When Berta brings her beautiful daughter Prudence to work, Charlie and Alan are a little distracted by her. Judith’s sister, Liz is in town and hits on Alan at Jake’s birthday party. When Jake won’t stop playing the guitar, Judith believes he’s having a tough time adjusting to her and Alan’s divorce. Charlie jeopardizes Alan’s divorce settlement when he sleeps with his beautiful attorney, Laura .

But when Liz arrives, she ignores Charlie and flirts with Alan instead. Charlie rethinks the way he treats women when he, Alan and Jake are forced to cheer up a pitiful Evelyn after her serious new boyfriend terminates their relationship. Meanwhile, Charlie teaches Jake some valuable lessons about screening calls from women.

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer star in this Emmy®-nominated comedy about two brothers and a precocious kid. Charlie Harper is a bachelor in paradise – complete with Malibu beach house, overpaid job and an incredibly active dating life. A sitcom about a rich bachelor whose life is disrupted when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move in with him. Following the sudden change, the first 5 seasons of the show showcase Charlie as a Casanova, exploring the world, engaging in casual sexual relationships with no attachment at all. However, it is only in the sixth season that Charlie seems to settle down and get engaged with Chelsea.

Charlie has a pregnancy scare involving one of his one-night stands and decides to go for the big “V”, and we’re not talking Vegas. When Jake repeats one of Charlie’s sexist remarks in front of Judith’s support group, the women convince Judith to stop Jake’s visits with his dad and Charlie. Charlie is convinced that a woman who spent the night with him wants to turn their relationship into something serious after she befriends Jake and Evelyn. One of Charlie’s many women fears she’s pregnant, and Charlie is relieved when the lady finds out she’s not. When Alan realizes that this is not Charlie’s first pregnancy scare, he suggests a permanent solution for Charlie–a vasectomy. Charlie agrees to meet with a former girlfriend who ended their relationship years earlier, leaving Charlie devastated.