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What Are Pull Ups Good For

They can be adapted to target some muscles more than others. They are most effective when they involve heavy weights. Close-Grip Pull-Ups are easier, as smaller the width of your grip, the easier the pull-ups become.

And of course, many a debate has been started in forums all around the web where keyboard warriors like to point out how many pull-ups they can do when they’re not typing so fast. This post will show how you stack up and give you a good goal to aim for. The minimum is eight pull-ups with no time limit, but you cannot touch the ground or let go of the bar. You should be able to do 15 to 20 to be competitive….Navy SEAL PST Standards.

Pull-ups strengthen the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinae in the thoracic region, levator scapulae, and infraspinatus. In reality, a strong grip is crucial if you want to add strength to your deadlifts, back rows, and countless other pulling exercises. Pull-ups are an effective way to strengthen your grip while also building up the bigger muscle groups. This variety is also beneficial in that it allows you to continue performing pull-ups even when a specific muscle gets sore.

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Here’s a few common reasons why you might not be able to do a pull up. The point of the post is to highlight pull up alternatives which will also have the similar benefits of pull ups. Below is a sampling of the positive effects of doing pull ups. To keep everyone on the same page, from here on out we’ll consider pull ups using an overhand or pronated grip while chin ups use a supinated or underhand grip. We’re not about to tell you that all you have to do for grip strength is do pull-ups every day. Most people have imbalances between the pushing and pulling muscles.

You can even do pull-ups out in nature using sturdy tree limbs, or in parks or playgrounds on playground equipment. Resistance training exercises have been shown to increase bone density because it loads the bones, signaling them to lay down more cellular and mineral components for the bony matrix. Additionally, stronger muscles pull more forcefully on the bones when they contract, which also signals your body to deposit more minerals and strengthen the structure of your bones. Pull-ups may be an awesome compound movement, but they’re especially valuable for building the back muscles. This is particularly true when building width, as almost any pull-up variation will somehow engage the latissimus dorsi.

Injury is best avoided by ensuring you have the correct technique and not overtraining the muscles groups like pectoralis major and especially while performing bicep curls. When your muscles work to move, they also put stress on your bones which is why strength imbalance can be a serious matter. An example would be the lats that pull your muscles back instead of the chest muscles, which pull your muscles forward.

As you can see, there are obvious benefits to doing pull ups, and these can be multiplied the more often you train them. From building an aesthetic V-shaped back, to improving strength and explosiveness, they are an irreplaceable exercise in every athlete’s workout arsenal. What happens when you’re unable to hit up the gym for your usual exercise routine? With some excercises, you’ll be forced to perform a less effective version — or you may be tempted to skip them entirely. This is not a problem with pull-ups, which can be performed with minimal gym equipment.


The beauty of this exercise is that you can do them anywhere, whether its at a commercial gym, in your garage, on a football post, on a tree branch or using a door mount at home. There is good reason why every Military fitness instructor and world class sports coach include pull ups in their training regime. This article explains all the benefits to fully appreciate the effects of pull ups. Using assistance, such as a box or jumping up into a pull-up, lower yourself down to the starting position as slowly as possible.

Studies found that regularly performing strength training may help reduce visceral fat and help you manage type 2 diabetes. Strength or resistance training can increase your overall fitness level. When you’re performing a pullup, you’re lifting your entire body mass with the movement.

Are Pull Ups Good For You?

The same for reverse grip, thumbs always matching the fingers. The other day I did about 205 in one day, a personal best. Im still a bit skinny and Im so dang hungry when I do a pullup binge!

I’m working on it but it’ll be a few months before I can do unassisted pull-ups and that’s with specifically training that 3 times a week now. The other advantage of performing these two movements is that they are effortless to modify. Changing the grip, for example, will emphasize different muscle groups, meaning you can get a well-rounded and effective workout, not to mention better grip strength. In short, everyone should be performing pull up alternatives whether or not they can do a regular pull up. The key to building strong functional muscles is to use variety in terms of reps and sets, load, grip, body positioning, equipment used and tempo. The pull up alternatives in we provide in this post give you a range of exercises that can be done at home or the gym.

Based on the results, the quiz will offer advice on which product would work best for them to help ease their worries and keep them feeling dry and comfortable. I will be 68 in May and just accomplished my personal best in pull ups, 16. Are there any age-appropriate competitions around that I could enter? 20 pull ups get a shirt, I did 20 2X for 2 shirts. I may actually try to see what I can do if I train. Now I am about the same weight but the sets are 5-10 …and I need more rest between sets.

Not all of us can spend 24 hours in the gym, unfortunately, so a good home chin-up bar that can support your weight and not damage your doorframe is a good option to get these done. Lastly, by pushing yourself in this way, you’ll also develop a new level of mental strength. This is because you’re doing something that challenges you and makes you better, faster than if you don’t push yourself this much. If you’re doing more than 100 pullups a day, you might be wondering if it’s too much. Need a little motivation to step up to the pull-up bar and give them a go? Keep reading for the benefits of pull-ups and a few tips to get started.

And for that I thank mainly to pull ups as the best exercise in the world. I am 61, 6’5″, 180 and started doing chin ups and pull ups about a year ago. But I started with one using a bar in the doorway and went from there. I want to get to ten straight, but so far have not got there. You can do straight arm pull down to help activate the lats, or you can also grab them and poke them to help to help stimulate the muscle fibers.