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18 Gun Cabinet Stack On: Secure Storage Solutions

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18 gun cabinet stack on

When it comes to securing a firearm collection, choosing the right gun cabinet is crucial. I’ve found that the 18-gun cabinet from Stack-On offers a blend of security, accessibility, and efficient use of space that many gun owners look for. This robust unit is designed to keep firearms safe from unauthorized access while providing enough room to accommodate a growing collection.

Understanding the features and construction of this gun cabinet can help you make an informed decision. The Stack-On 18-gun cabinet is reinforced with steel walls and equipped with locking mechanisms that meet the safety standards set by regulatory agencies. Additionally, its convertible interior allows for customization based on your storage needs, whether you’re storing rifles, shotguns or handguns.

The importance of investing in a reliable gun storage solution like the Stack-On 18-gun cabinet cannot be overstated. Not only does it ensure the safety of those around you but also protects your firearms from potential damage or theft. With my experience in evaluating gun cabinets, I can say that this model stands out for its durability and practicality among other options in the market.

18 Gun Cabinet Stack on

Security Features

When it comes to safeguarding firearms, a robust security system is vital. The Stack-On 18-gun cabinet is designed with this in mind, featuring a range of security enhancements to keep your guns secure. Firstly, you’ll find it’s equipped with a superior locking mechanism which makes unauthorized access extremely difficult. Additionally, the unit often includes:

  • A three-point locking system with key-coded lock
  • Full-length welded and staked steel piano hinge for greater strength
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes that allow you to anchor the cabinet to the floor or wall for added stability and security

These features collectively ensure that your firearms are stored safely and deter potential break-ins.

Storage Capacity

I can’t emphasize enough how crucial storage space is when selecting a gun cabinet. The Stack-On 18-gun cabinet shines in this area as well:

  • It’s capable of holding up to 18 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall.
  • Removable shelves allow for customization of storage space, accommodating various firearm sizes and additional accessories.
  • Foam padding is included at the bottom and barrel rests reduce scratches during storage.

This combination of flexibility and capacity makes it ideal for gun owners who value organization alongside maximizing their use of available space.


While not all Stack-On models offer fireproofing, some versions of the 18-gun cabinets boast impressive fire-resistant capabilities. These typically feature:

  • Fire-resistant materials that can withstand high temperatures for a certain duration
  • Heat-expanding door seals that help block out smoke and heat

Remember, fire rating varies by model; always check the specifications if fireproofing is a top priority for your needs. Here’s an example table indicating potential ratings:

Model Fire Rating Temperature
Standard None N/A
Fireproof Type Up to 30 mins 1400°F

Investing in these cabinets means adding an extra layer of protection against unforeseen accidents like fires – peace of mind knowing that your investments have an additional safeguard.

Types of Gun Cabinets

Stack-On Cabinets

Stack-On gun cabinets are a popular choice for firearm storage, offering a variety of sizes and security features to fit different needs. One key model is the 18-gun cabinet, which provides ample space for rifles and shotguns. This type of cabinet often includes:

  • Adjustable shelves for custom storage solutions
  • A reinforced steel door for enhanced security
  • Locking mechanisms that range from key locks to electronic systems

What sets Stack-On apart is their commitment to safety standards. Many models are tested and verified by independent organizations like the California Department of Justice regulatory standards for firearm safety.


Other Brands

While Stack-On has carved out a significant niche, there’s a wide array of other brands offering gun cabinets with distinct features:

SecureIt Tactical Inc.

SecureIt offers innovative designs with its CradleGrid system, allowing unparalleled customization inside the cabinet. Their approach focuses on adaptability and efficiency in storing various types of firearms.

Liberty Safe

Liberty Safe boasts durability with heavy-duty construction meant to withstand break-ins and fire hazards alike. They market themselves on their survivability under extreme conditions.


Barska steps up in terms of technology integration, featuring biometric locks that use fingerprints to grant access. This high-tech feature provides quick access while maintaining strong security measures.

Each brand contributes unique ideas to the world of gun cabinets, catering to diverse preferences among responsible gun owners looking for reliable storage solutions.