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Fun Facts About Online Casinos

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Online casinos have become more popular since their inception. Features like live dealer games make it more fun. The industry is expanding rapidly with new features to keep players engaged. However, there are so many things you may not know about online casinos. This article will highlight some fun facts you should know about online casinos.

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Real Money Games Are Available For Free

Many casino players don’t know that they can play online casino games for free. However, it may not apply to all casinos. Only casinos with no deposit offers have this option. This means you can sign up and play without depositing any funds. Still, it can be tricky because there’s no guarantee that you’ll win with the bonus funds.

Even if you win, you may need to meet some wagering requirements to withdraw the funds.

It is Possible to Watch Others Play Online Casino Games

Twitch and other streaming platforms allow users to watch others play casino games. If you’re interested in learning tricks, you may enjoy it. Players often stream games from different platforms. You may also see users streaming from a new casino without Swedish license.

To find them, simply search for casino games on the streaming platforms. Some players focus on jackpot games, while others play random games.

Roulette is The Devil’s Game

Many players don’t know that roulette used to be the devil’s game in the past. It started from the numbers on the wheel, which add up to 666. This number is also associated with the devil.

Some people believe that the creator of the game even worked with the devil. But it’s all a myth. There is no link between the game and the devil.

Online Casinos Became Popular After 1994

Physical casinos were trendy in the early 90s and before then. Microgaming, a popular software provider, changed the industry by introducing online casinos. It was an interesting change because slot machines came into the spotlight exactly 100 years before.

Since then, online casino gaming has improved dramatically. New technological advances make it possible to play instant games on mobile devices without downloading software. Microgaming is still at the forefront of this development.

Slots Are More Profitable Than Most Casino Games

It’s no secret that slots are more common among players. They are easy to play and have a fast pace. You can play several slots in a few minutes. Also, slots are more profitable than other games. Players are more likely to get more returns on their bets.

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This doesn’t not mean the house won’t win. However, since the game is fast-paced, players will have a chance to recoup their bets as well.

Microgaming Slot Has The Highest Win

The highest win ever in an online casino is a Microgaming slot. This provider has recorded several jackpots since its inception in 1994.

The winner of the largest jackpot was an anonymous player who won $21.7 million in a progressive jackpot. Also, the win is more exciting because the initial bet was only $0.75.

Most Casinos Offer Voluntary Exclusion

Players with gambling problems can exclude themselves from betting voluntarily. Many online casinos offer a voluntary exclusion programme allowing players to curb their gambling addiction.

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Players who exclude themselves voluntarily cannot deposit funds into their casino account. They can set the time limit and extend it as well. This feature is available in most online casinos in Australia, UK, US, and Canada.


Online casinos offer games for different tastes and preferences. In the future, they will also include more features to create a unique experience. This guide has covered the top interesting facts about online casinos. Perhaps, they can help you learn a thing or two about casinos.