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Missouri Car Shipping: Mistakes to Avoid

4 min read

Car shipping in Missouri is a useful service, and you can benefit a lot if you choose a reputable shipper and organize everything on time. If you do this in a hurry, believe in catchy ads, or don’t compare several quotes, you can make costly mistakes.

In order to find reliable car transportation, you need to research transportation companies in Missouri. On this link, you can find some handy guidelines on how to do it. That’s the best way to avoid common mistakes such as those mentioned above.

Choosing a Carrier in Rush

Many car transportation companies operate in Missouri. Of course, not all carriers are professional, reliable, and good at their job. Many people often overlook that fact when in a hurry to find someone to transport their vehicle as soon as possible.

If you don’t research your options and check the chosen carriers but make a decision based only on low rates, you can make a mistake. Very often, scammers use these tricks to fool naive car owners who think they have really found an “incredibly good offer” for shipping services.

In the best case, you’ll pay more for the shipping service than you thought, because many companies use low rates to attract customers and then suddenly raise them. In the worst-case scenario, carriers can just vanish with your money or vehicle. To not fall for this fraud, you must check the shippers’ reputation, track record, and DOT certification.

Not Shopping Around

Another common mistake you can make when looking for a carrier in a hurry is choosing the first company that proves legitimate and reputable. Although trusted shippers have competitive prices, shopping around allows you to check several quotes and find the best deals.

People who don’t have time to shop around most often make this mistake. Urgent transport usually costs much more than booking this service in advance. Also, if you don’t read the contract details in a hurry, there’s a chance that the shipping service will be even costlier. Simply, you may overlook the item that rates are subject to change. But if you think ahead and research or hire a broker to do that for you, you can save a few bucks.

Not Inspecting And Preparing Your Vehicle

Every vehicle to be hauled must be operational. Sure, you don’t have to perform every possible repair, but only ensure your car can start when loading and unloading from the truck. If that’s not the case, additional costs await you. In case you need to ship a car that can’t start, mention it to a carrier.


While preparing the vehicle for auto transport to Missouri, you may notice current damages. You should document them, so you can check if any new damages have appeared after the car delivery. Unfortunately, many skip this step in a hurry, so if damage occurs on the road, they have problems filing a claim and recouping money for repairs.

So don’t forget to inspect your four-wheeler before transport and ensure it’s in roadworthy condition. Check the steering wheel, brakes, transmission, and engine, top up all fluids except fuel (leave the tank only 1/4 full), and inflate the tires. Disable alarms, anti-theft systems, and toll tags, and lock the car.

Not Removing Personal Stuff

Leaving personal items in a car during transportation is a big NO. Carriers emphasize this clause and encourage clients to inspect their vehicles in detail and remove all valuables and accessories. However, many try to ignore this rule, considering it no big deal.

The first problem that can occur is losing these items. Transportation companies insure the vehicles but don’t offer any protection for your personal stuff. Also, loose items, car accessories, and add-ons can move during transport and damage your four-wheeler. Finally, some illegal items may be found in your car, which can cause you and the carrier legal problems.

Cutting Corners on Insurance

Reputable Missouri carriers haul vehicles safely but can’t predict what may happen during transport. The shipping service cost usually includes insurance in case of damage to your car during transport. However, sometimes insurance costs extra, which some see as an unnecessary expense.


Here are a few things to know before transporting your car: 

In case you have proper insurance, you don’t pay for repairs, but that’s the responsibility of the carriers’ insurer. If you decide your vehicle doesn’t need shipping insurance, you risk that all costs of potential damage will fall on you. Simply, without a policy, you can’t claim against a carrier.

Mistakes happen to everyone, and they’re common when you look for a way to transport your car fast and cheaply but don’t devote yourself to checking a carrier. To avoid paying high rates, car damage, or even leaving without your four-wheeler, take your time to find a reliable shipper and ensure you get a top-notch service.