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Things to Know About the Highest Caliber Glock for Hunting

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When it comes to hunting, you need the most reliable firearm you can trust with your life. The Glock line of guns consistently delivers this reliability in spades. However, with the release of the most potent one on the market to the public, there are some things you didn’t know about this firearm that could help you decide whether it would be best for your specific hunting needs. Read below to find out everything you need to know about this highest-caliber Glock and how it could suit your hunting style.

Which is the Highest Caliber Glock for Hunting?

The highest caliber Glock is the G20, which can hold a 15-round magazine. The G20 has a 117 mm | 4.61-inch barrel and an overall length of 4,709 mm. It also has a loaded weight of just over 780 g | 27.51 oz without a magazine and 1130 g | 39.86 oz with a loaded magazine, so it’s easy to carry in your hunting gear. The G20 also has interchangeable grip back straps to fit all hand sizes comfortably. You’ll need to order from your local firearms dealer or Glock directly to get one.

Reasons Why High-Powered Pistols Are the Best for Hunting

When it comes to choosing a firearm, there are a lot of factors that go into making the decision. For hunting, you want something accurate, reliable, and robust. One of the most popular high-powered pistols is a Glock because they are lightweight and precise. They also have a high magazine capacity and are durable. Here are some reasons why you should choose the highest caliber Glock for hunting:


The accuracy is one of the best features of a Glock. It will hit what you’re aiming at with just about every shot. Your shots will be even more precise with higher caliber rounds, like .45 ACP or 9mm. The longer barrel on this pistol reduces muzzle flip so that when your shot goes off, it’s going in the right direction before moving up. On top of that, it has an ergonomic grip, making handling the gun more manageable, especially if you’re holding it in your hands for hours while hunting. Lastly, because these guns are made explicitly for shooting straight and hitting targets consistently, you won’t experience any problems with them getting jammed during a hunt.

Bullet Construction

Most Glocks come with standard lead bullets, but some models come with jacketed hollow point bullets. The jacketed hollow point bullets tend to be more expensive than the lead rounds, but they are more effective when it comes to penetration.

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It’s Lightweight

There are a lot of hunting pistols on the market that are heavy and difficult to carry around all day. The extra weight can make moving your weapon tiring, especially if you’re walking through thick woods or up steep hillsides. A Glock is lightweight so that you won’t experience any pain in your hand or arm during a hunt.

The Rifle Caliber

The best ammunition depends on your rifle’s caliber. Glocks are unique and are great hunting pistols because they use high-caliber rounds, sometimes used in rifles. A gun is most effective when you shoot multiple rounds without reloading. The magazine on a Glock holds up to 15 matches, giving you more rounds before reloading. When hunting big games, like deer or bears, those extra shots can significantly affect your ability to get clean hits. To find the best ammunition that fits your needs you can check Natchez Shooters Supplies website.


Hunters have always been looking for the next best thing to take down their prey, but deciding what weapon will give them the best shot can be challenging with so many options. A high-caliber Glock might be perfect for those trying to find something that can kill any animal and is reliable in all conditions.


These weapons are built to last no matter how many years you’ve owned them. You’ll never need to worry about broken parts or anything coming loose. When hunting, you want power over anything else because if your target isn’t killed quickly, they may escape and put themselves in danger. With their ability to shoot rounds as high as 40 cal., Glocks are perfect for delivering death blows quickly without hesitation.


People may need to consider how comfortable it is to purchase a gun. You don’t want something that feels bulky in your hands or isn’t ergonomically designed properly. That’s one reason many hunters prefer the pistol grip design over the traditional shoulder-stock design, even though both work well for hunting.

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Choosing a handgun with a barrel length of 4 inches or less is essential. The longer barrel allows for more energy, so you’ll want something with a shorter barrel for hunting and competition.


Many handguns can be used for hunting, but none are as powerful and accurate as a Glock. So it is not surprising why so many hunters use this type of handgun. The 10mm is an excellent caliber if you want something powerful but not too powerful. It’s accurate and has some good power to it. You can easily find ammo online or at your local gun store. So don’t let this powerhouse of a caliber slip through your fingers.