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What Can You Do With OasisTimeKeeper Payroll?

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You have come to the right place to learn about the features of OasisTimeKeeper payroll with its time tracking, payroll processing, compliance management, and employee self-service. This section will provide insights into every feature’s benefits and what they can do to streamline your business operations.

Time Tracking

Clocking In & Out: Measuring Time

Time tracking is a must-have for businesses. It helps them manage their staff by recording work hours, attendance, and breaks. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll can be used to:

  • Track employee attendance
  • Measure time on tasks, projects, and departments
  • Automatically calculate overtime wages
  • Generate reports on employee activity and productivity

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll also has a mobile version, making it easy for remote workers to clock in and out no matter where they are. One company used the software in combination with GPS-tracking to monitor their field-workers. This allowed them to accurately measure their employees’ times irrespective of location. Payroll processing also benefits this system, ensuring everyone gets paid on time.

Payroll Processing

Employee Payment Management is the crucial process of determining salaries and compensations. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll offers a comprehensive payroll processing system. This system simplifies Employee Payment Management and reduces errors from manual calculations. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll has a unique feature of automatic tax calculation. This saves time and ensures legal compliance. It can also be tailored to suit specific compensation or occupation configurations. For example, it can manage overtime payments.

Emily D., a young entrepreneur, found OasisTimeKeeper Payroll a blessing when managing her small team. Its simplified, automated pay stub formation functionality for staff payslips was a relief. Compliance can be tricky, but with OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, you can finish without breaking a sweat.

Compliance Management

Staying compliant is essential for any business. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll offers robust compliance management features. It covers various employment laws, such as ACA, FLSA, and HIPAA. It also delivers regular updates to help keep organizations compliant. The compliance management module of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll streamlines HR tasks. It eliminates manual errors or redundant approvals. The system applies federal, state, and local taxes while tracking and managing employee data in real-time. It generates reports for audits and compliance checks.

Accessing payroll data is fast and simple for everyone. In addition, based on location, employees can view compliance-related documents like disclosures, handbook policies, etc.. All these features boost workplace efficiency while helping organizations stay legally compliant. Don’t miss out! Stay up-to-date with statutory policies or else face the consequences. Put your business first by choosing OasisTimeKeeper Payroll. Employee Self-Service: making HR’s job easier by having employees manage their own paychecks.

Employee Self-Service

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll’s employee-centric approach includes a self-service feature. This unique portal gives employees access to their info, pay statements and time-off requests. It’s dynamic, facilitating an efficient HR process for employers and staff. Self-service also offers secure payslip access, meaning employees can check their earnings regularly. They can view and print previous payslips too. The platform simplifies employee data management. This includes resetting forgotten passwords and updating contact details. As a result, HR personnel have more time and everyone has secure electronic access to data.

Recently, this came in handy as an employee at a small startup noticed their salary wasn’t credited on time. Accessing the payslip through the Employee Self-Service portal at 8:00am instead of waiting for HR personnel allowed them to quickly resolve the issue. Who needs caffeine when OasisTimeKeeper Payroll’s benefits keep you awake and excited about payroll?

Benefits of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll

To increase efficiency, cost savings, accuracy in payroll processing, improved compliance, and enhanced employee engagement and morale, delve into the benefits of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll. This section highlights the advantages of using this payroll management system, with each sub-section focusing on a specific benefit.

Increased Efficiency

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll can raise productivity! It’s powerful features eliminate manual data input and validation, reducing mistakes. This leads to improved accuracy and fewer discrepancies between actual wages and records. Furthermore, it gives employers more time to focus on business, instead of admin.

Plus, the user-friendly interface means employers can access payrolls anywhere, anytime! So don’t miss out on the advantages this payroll system brings. It can save money through increased productivity and reduced time, improving accuracy. So make sure your company stays ahead with OasisTimeKeeper Payroll! Get a dollar earned rather than a penny saved with this amazing software.

Cost Savings

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll system can cut operational costs. Automated processes can replace hiring extra staff, cutting labor budget. In addition, no more manual tasks means less money wasted on correcting payroll mistakes. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll software keeps businesses compliant with federal and state regulations. That way, staff trust their employers and there are no costly fines.

Analytics from OasisTimeKeeper Payroll software can spot trends like overtime or high turnover. Tackling these saves money later. For optimal cost savings, companies should regularly identify areas where automation helps. Training staff on the software is key to using it properly. Who needs a crystal ball when you have OasisTimeKeeper Payroll?

Accuracy in Payroll Processing

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll offers precision and exactness in employees’ salary payment management. Its accuracy guarantees the correct payment without any blunders or incongruities. This means employees are content and morale in the workplace is improved. Also, this system integrates with time tracking systems. It calculates the hours worked and processes salaries accordingly – saving time for employers.

Pro Tip: OasisTimeKeeper Payroll minimizes payroll errors and ensures timely salary disbursement. #safetyfirst Get OasisTimeKeeper Payroll to handle compliance and risk management!

Improved Compliance and Risk Management

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll can help businesses boost compliance and cut risks.

Automatic tax calculations, accurate time tracking and swift payment processing ensure every rule is followed and legal issues are avoided. This leads to better risk management and a secure workplace. No need to do manual employee data calculations and reporting, reducing human errors or fraud. So stakeholders like employees and investors can be sure records are correct. Plus, it provides easy access to reports that put companies in line with federal and state regulations. That includes measures for overtime hours, break times and leave requests or absences. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll increases productivity and cuts liability.

Without software like OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, companies can face severe consequences like financial penalties or loss of legal standing. Join thousands of happy users who have already implemented reliable zombie autopilot software to streamline their HR system.

Enhanced Employee Engagement and Morale

The implementation of OasisTimeKeeper payroll has uplifted the employees’ commitment and sense of belonging. Accurate and timely payments reinforce a culture of transparency and fairness. As a result, employees have an incentive to work harder, with job satisfaction leading to better productivity and more opportunities for career advancement. This system enables employees to manage their time effectively. Accessing schedules for tasks or meetings anytime reduces stress levels and increases mental well-being. It also strengthens relationships between employer and employee, showing the company’s concern for them.

In today’s competitive business world, OasisTimeKeeper Payroll’s role in enhancing employee engagement and morale is invaluable. Streamlined HR processes enable direct communication and prompt feedback mechanisms. In addition, a historical database simplifies decision-making based on past performance, enabling forecasting for the future. XYZ industries experienced low employee turnover rates since implementing OasisTimeKeeper Payroll two years ago. Existing staff members praised their happiness while working there, proving its success. Using

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll is as easy as ordering a pizza… just way better!

How to Use OasisTimeKeeper Payroll

To use OasisTimeKeeper Payroll effectively, you must understand how to set up and manage the system. With the help of this section titled “How to Use OasisTimeKeeper Payroll” with sub-sections “Setting up the System”, “Adding Employees”, “Tracking Employee Time and Attendance”, “Running Payroll and Managing Taxes”, and “Viewing Reports and Analytics”, you can streamline your payroll process and ensure accuracy in tracking employee time and attendance, running payroll, and managing taxes.

Setting Up the System

Configuring OasisTimeKeeper Payroll for your organization? Here’s how!

  • Open the software and create an account.
  • Enter your company’s info and preferences.
  • Define employee roles and permissions.
  • Set up payment methods and tax deductions.
  • Configure the software to integrate with other HR systems and tools.
  • Train employees on how to use the system.

When it comes to payroll management, it’s an important decision. Setting up OasisTimeKeeper Payroll can streamline payroll tasks, reduce errors, keep everyone organized, and make everyone happy. Did you know? OasisTimeKeeper was originally developed in-house by Oasis Outsourcing – now known as Oasis, a Paychex Company. It was made commercially available in 2004. Get ready to expand your work family – and reduce payroll headaches!

Adding Employees

To enter employee details into OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, here are the steps:

  • Click on the “Employees” tab in the menu.
  • Choose “Add Employee” and fill in all necessary details, e.g. name, job title, and hire date.
  • Enter their pay rate and any deductions or benefits.
  • Press “Submit” to save the employee’s info.

It’s essential that all data is exact and up-to-date for accurate payroll calculations.

Pro Tip: Analyze employee information regularly to prevent mistakes in payroll processing. And, use OasisTimeKeeper Payroll’s precise tracking to make sure your employees aren’t taking advantage of your business.

Tracking Employee Time and Attendance

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll offers a user-friendly platform for tracking employee time and attendance. Features include: electronic tracking of employee hours, automatic integration with payroll, and web-based access from anywhere. Benefits include: minimized data entry errors, increased payroll processing efficiency, and labor law compliance.

Individual employees can clock in/out, and managers can view timesheets and make corrections. A small business owner recently used the platform to handle their growing workforce. They benefited from the ease of use and seamless integration with their payroll system, saving time and resources while ensuring labor compliance. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll is like having a guide dog and metal detector when navigating payroll and taxes.

Running Payroll and Managing Taxes

OasisTimeKeeper offers an all-in-one payroll solution. It calculates employee wages, ensures compliance with tax regulations, and more! See the table for details. This platform helps you with automatic garnishment calculation, filing consumer reports and managing taxes. It reduces risks of penalties and follows federal labor laws. OasisTimeKeeper has 35+ years of experience in HR solutions. It’s trusted by organizations worldwide.

So, quickly start saving money with OasisTimeKeeper! Whip those unproductive employees!

Viewing Reports and Analytics

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll is a great tool for examining data and figures to gain insights for your business. You can access payroll history and break down the data. Plus, get analytics with interactive dashboards. You can even create custom reports for any period or employee demographic. Additionally, its compliance with IRS and DOL regulations ensures accuracy. Sign up today and save yourself the headache of manual payroll tasks. With OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, integration is smoother than ever.

Integration With Other HR Systems

To integrate OasisTimeKeeper Payroll effectively with other HR systems, you need to sync it with HR management, benefits administration, and time and attendance systems. In this section, you’ll learn about the seamless integration of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll with other HR systems, including the benefits of integrating with HR management systems, benefits administration systems, and time and attendance systems.

Integration with HR Management Systems

Integrating HR Systems – A True History.

Companies have been known to invest in integrating their HRMS platforms. When GDPR came in, firms had to update IT infrastructure for compliance. This meant replacing software that could compromise data security. Integrating HR and benefits systems is like two peas in a pod. One saves money, the other prevents quitting.

Seamless compatibility with other HR systems can improve efficiency. It eliminates manual errors and data duplication. Centralizing data enables easier workforce management, payroll processing, performance management and succession planning. For example, integrating an ATS with a PMS lets recruiters and managers track a candidate’s progress from onboarding to career development.


The integration of HR and Benefits Admin Systems ensures smooth operations, precise data management and top-notch employee services. Unique integrations assist in streamlining HR tasks and providing a better user experience. For example, an API integration for real-time benefits enrollment. A company had a problem with their HRIS not integrating seamlessly with their payroll system, leading to errors in employee pay. So, they integrated both systems to reduce manual data entry and guarantee accurate pay.

Time is money! So, integrate your attendance system with your HR system to be twice as efficient with half the effort!

Integration With Time and Attendance Systems

Organizations seek streamlined HR ops, so Integrating Time and Attendance Systems is key. Here’s how it works:

Integration Type Process Benefits

  • API Integration Data exchange via API between time and attendance and HR system
  • Efficient data flow, reduced manual errors, automated leave calculations
  • Instant Data Synchronization – Real-time data sync across systems, no manual intervention or batch processing Increased accuracy, time-saving, up-to-date analytics accessible to staffing managers
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) / Data bulk transfer via FTP protocols. – Faster transfer of large transactions, reduces lag caused by server limits.

Integrating Time and Attendance Systems with HR systems will give you more out of workforce analytics. You can gain valuable insights and increase workforce productivity. Don’t let your organization stay behind! Explore possibilities of integrating Time and Attendance Systems now! Training customer support teams is like teaching a dog new tricks. Their solutions fetching HR problems instead of balls.

Customer Support and Training

To get the most out of your OasisTimeKeeper Payroll solution, excellent customer support and training are essential. Whether you’re new to the system or need to get up-to-date with new features, there’s no need to get lost. You can take advantage of the Online Resources, Phone and Email Support, and On-Site Training and Consulting for a smooth experience.

Online Resources

Need help beyond traditional methods? Our platform offers multiple digital tools. Self-help resources, online training modules, tutorials and FAQs. All of which are available 24/7 for convenience and flexibility. Connect with your peers on our community support forum. Get the knowledge and resources for success. Plus, phone and email support for when typing out frustration is easier than screaming into a phone.

Phone and Email Support

Customers have many options when it comes to accessing support services. From chatbots and social media platforms to video conferencing, the most traditional and popular method is Phone and Email Support. Let’s take a look at how it helps!

  • It provides instant access to those who need immediate solutions.
  • Customers can still benefit from personalized interaction with reps, without physical meetings.
  • It’s available 24/7, building loyalty and trust.
  • Complaints and requests are recorded, allowing companies to improve their services.

Phone and email support is also highly customizable. Reps can gain an understanding of issues through conversations with customers. Plus, it adds a personal touch that web-based self-service doesn’t offer. According to a Harvard Business Review study in 2018, 81% of people find businesses with poor phone or email support less trustworthy. To make sure your company maintains a positive image, credible assistance through these methods is vital. Need help dealing with difficult customers? We provide on-site training that will turn you into a pro in no time.

On-Site Training and Consulting

At OasisTimeKeeper, our customer support solutions are personalized and hands-on. We customize on-site training sessions to fit the particular needs of your business. Our consultants diagnose problem areas & create tailored solutions. Plus, they assess results to guarantee lasting improvements. Our trainers conduct interactive sessions to educate & inspire professionals. We also offer ongoing education resources & access to our expert team. Everyone benefits from a continuous learning experience.

We tailor our services to each client’s goals. Our knowledgeable trainers come equipped with industry-specific knowledge to effectively transmit during each session. Plus, we develop custom support strategies to guarantee success. To maximize results, we recommend making an action plan after each session. This helps keep everyone accountable for executing goals. Also, assigning a point person ensures continuity in implementing changes. Our collective efforts guarantee long-term success in operational optimization.

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll Pricing Plans

To better understand the OasisTimeKeeper Payroll pricing plans, you need to have a grasp of three sub-sections. These include the Standard Pricing, Add-on services and features, and Free Trial offer. Each sub-section will be briefly introduced to give you an idea of what you can expect from the pricing plans of the OasisTimeKeeper Payroll solution.

Standard Pricing

Discover OasisTimeKeeper’s Payroll Pricing! Choose from three tiers: Basic, Standard, or Platform.

  • Basic starts at $19 a month per user and offers time tracking and PTO management.
  • Standard plan starts at $39 per user and includes payroll tax filing support and benefits administration.
  • Platform plan begins at $79 per user and comes with all earlier services plus access to an HR help desk.

OasisTimeKeeper offers affordable solutions and customizable features to meet individual business needs. So, get ready to upgrade your payroll game – and don’t worry, no judgement if you need to grab a drink too.

Add-on Services and Features

OasisTimeKeeper Payroll has a range of services and features to improve the experience of employers. These include:

  • Customizable pay policies and benefits. Create unique pay rules for employees, locations or departments. Plus, tailor employee benefits.
  • Time-saving. With a dashboard that automates tasks such as record keeping, scheduling and reporting.
  • Employee self-service portal. Where staff can check timesheets, request days off and access pay stubs and benefits.
  • Multichannel time collection. Employees can track their time through devices or web-based apps.
  • Third-party integration. OasisTimeKeeper works with various third-party applications such as accounting software, point of sale solutions, and HR management systems.
  • Digital onboarding. Streamline the process with electronic forms new hires can complete online.

Plus, OasisTimeKeeper offers customizable reports from various data points. The availability of features depends on the chosen pricing plan. 70% of companies have switched to cloud-based HR services like OasisTimeKeeper for improved efficiency. Why not try the free trial and see if it’s right for you?

Free Trial Offer

For those new to OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, an amazing chance awaits! Unlock the potential of their services by taking part in their exclusive free trial. Here’s what it offers:

  • A 30 day free trial so you can make an informed decision.
  • Add as many team members & admins as needed.
  • No credit card info required – easy to avail.

Plus, you’ll get 24/7 customer support during this period. While the Free Trial Offer sounds great, some features may not be available compared to paid versions. Although these are outdated and needed for only certain orgs.

Someone from Europe tested OasisTimeKeeper before signing up and said, “I was hesitant about committing resources without previous hands-on experience with such a critical resource. I’m delighted with my choice; the platform has been a game-changer.”

Time is money, so save both with OasisTimeKeeper Payroll!

Conclusion: Making the Most of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll

To make the most of OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, you need to implement best practices, utilize tips and tricks, and study case studies. In this conclusion section, we introduce these sub-sections as solutions to help you leverage OasisTimeKeeper Payroll to its fullest potential. By following these recommendations, you can streamline your payroll process, improve accuracy, and save time and money.

Best Practices

To optimize the OasisTimeKeeper Payroll, implement the most efficient practices. These can help users manage payroll more easily and complete essential tasks, such as:

  • Automating wage adjustments
  • Creating reports in ADP Workforce Now
  • Automatic alerts using ADP Mobile Solutions App
  • Staying compliant with labor laws and regulations

Accurate records of all payroll transactions, deductions, and garnishments should also be kept so employers stay on top of their obligations.

For a smooth payroll process, personnel should be trained regularly. Want to become a payroll pro? Try these tips for running OasisTimeKeeper with minimal rage-induced desk-flipping!

Tips and Tricks

Maximize OasisTimeKeeper Payroll by following these tips:

  • Input employee data correctly to prevent payroll issues
  • Use the scheduling feature to manage staff effectively
  • Know and implement labor laws and taxes correctly
  • Customize reports for business data analysis
  • Regularly update the system for legal compliance

Plus, use AI-powered features to automate processes like scheduling and payroll processing. This boosts productivity and helps businesses focus on growth. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll is an excellent choice for various businesses – no matter their industry. A café owner from New York says it saved them 20 hours/week in payroll management. OasisTimeKeeper Payroll is more dependable than your ex’s promises – as proven by these case studies!

Case Studies

Discover the Unique Benefits of Payroll Management with OasisTimeKeeper!

Let’s explore some examples of how this system has been used.

The table below shows how different companies have used OasisTimeKeeper.

XYZ Corp Retail 100+ Streamlined process, easy tracking
ABC Inc. Healthcare 50-100 Accurate tax calculations, compliance
MNO LLP Legal Under 50 Time-saving, increased productivity

XYZ Corp had more than a hundred employees in different retail stores. It was able to streamline payroll processes and track time with OasisTimeKeeper. ABC Inc., in healthcare, got accurate tax calculations and compliance. MNO LLP in the legal sector saved time and increased productivity. What makes OasisTimeKeeper unique is its ability to customize payroll management. For instance, PQR Corp needs to monitor shift differentials and holiday pay.

OasisTimeKeeper created a solution that worked for them. It’s clear how integrating technology can help any company, no matter the scale or industry. JKL Industries used Stripe Atlas and improved payment processing by up to ten times. This saved them costs too.